Portable Green Screens: Everything You Need to Know

Girl watching video on a tablet outdoorsWhen you think about video production, you imagine cameras, lighting, expensive sets, and complicated software. However, one of the most underrated ways to give your videos a boost is to use a portable green screen. Much like the screens your local weather reporter uses, these portable options let you insert yourself in front of any backdrop image you choose. While you are filming, it’s a simple matter of standing in front of the screen. Later, software can be used to replace the green background with the image or video you select. Check out Backdrop For Video Calls.

Emphasize Portability When You Buy

Whether you’re looking for a webcam background or a backdrop for a large, expensive set, try to keep it portable. Portable green screens are readily available on the market. An easily transportable screen will help a lot when you need to shoot in a particular location, but it doesn’t have the setting that you would prefer.

A Portable Green Screen Is Convenien

Such a screen will also help you be much more flexible during production. Put yourself in the shoes of a traditional cinematographer, and imagine how nice it would be to have any background at all in your film without having to create a new set. In a matter of speaking, you are essentially able to add more locations to your video. What’s even better, it can be done from a single filming spot. You also save yourself the hassle of needing to arrange trips to various spots just to find a different backdrop. Visit Webaround Backdrop

Portable Screens Save Money and Time

Of course, the most obvious benefit of using a portable backdrop is the amount of money they save. It’s also possible to accomplish this without skimping on quality. You can also save significant amounts of time, since you can potentially shoot just one video, yet apply numerous backgrounds to it. It’s hard to overstate how annoying it is to have to film the same action in multiple places. You also avoid the difficulty of reproducing the exact conditions more than once. Needless to say, there are various other problems you can eliminate, including inclement weather or availability issues with your favored venues.

Added Consistency

Continuity issues are a notorious problem in filming, and this is another place where green screens shine. If you have several locations, the potential for inconsistency goes up even more. In the case of traditional filming, any travel requirements make it hard to duplicate certain conditions in the new location. Lighting is another area that is aided by these screens. It will be easy to edit parts of the scene after the fact if needed.

As you can see, portable green screens can be indispensable. Along with the right equipment, they can take your films a much-needed boost. Learn more.